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Conscience: The Newsjournal of Catholic Opinion


Vol. XXXV - No. 3
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TAke Action

Colorado Catholics Voting No on Amendment 67

This November, a ballot measure to amend the Colorado state constitution will be up for a vote. If this dangerous proposal is passed abortion, contraception and IVF would be banned in the state. Catholics for Choice is working in Colorado make sure the voices of all Catholics are heard.

See why Colorado Catholics will vote no on this ballot measure.


Catholic Theology the Bishops Won't Talk About


It’s not just regular Catholics that are being left out of the bishops’ synod. There’s more to Catholic teaching on sexuality and reproductive choices than you’ll hear from the Vatican. Watch this video to learn about some of the best kept secrets about Catholicism on these issues that are critical to Catholics today.


Family Planning vs. Abortion

Family Planning vs. Abortion


The most recent issue of Conscience takes on abortion stigma and asks tough questions about how pitting contraception against abortion is a disservice to women. Read the entire issue here.




Press Release

Administration's Fix is a Farce

25 August 2014 -“The real problem right now is that too many women have no coverage for contraceptive services: those working for churches, dioceses and some schools and charities throughout the US,” said Catholics for Choice president Jon O'Brien. “If the Obama administration was serious about fixing contraceptive coverage regulations, it would have reconsidered discriminating against these women by saying their religious liberty doesn’t matter because of where they work. But instead, the administration has done them and their dependents a disservice, leaving them subject to the whims of their employers rather than delivering on the president’s promise of comprehensive preventive healthcare for all Americans.” Read more.

Coalition for Liberty & Justice

Liberty and Justice for All


A new short film from the Coalition for Liberty & Justice shows what happens when religious extremists in the US use religion as a license to discriminate against hospital staff, teachers and other workers who do not conform to the extremists’ views of what is acceptable. This discrimination takes place using your tax dollars. Read more.

Contraception Coverage at the Supreme Court

Catholics for Choice Supports Real Religious Liberty

Africa Calling


We are disheartened by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Burwelll v. Hobby Lobby Stores and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Burwell cases.

You can find additional resources about religious liberty on our resource page.