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Vol. XXXIII — No. 1                                                                                                                            
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A Case We Can't Afford Not to Make

Regaining Lost Ground on Funding Abortion Care

Andrea Miller

A Perspective on Later Abortion...From Someone Who Does Them

Willie Parker, MD, MPH, MSC

A Statement on Later Abortion

So, Who Has Second-Trimester Abortions?

Rachel K. Jones and Lawrence B. Finer

Why We Need to Choose 'Choice'

Ann Furedi

Lessons for the Prochoice Movement from the 'Partial Birth Abortion' Fight

Tracy A. Weitz

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Deciding about a Pregnancy after a Prenatal Diagnosis of Fetal Anomaly

Jane Fisher

Who Pays the Piper?

Funding for Contraception and Abortion

Christian Fiala, MD, Ph.D.

Contraception: My Health, My Conscience, Our Freedom

Jennifer Becker-Landsberger


Editor’s Note


In Catholic Circles


A list of new and noteworthy books

In their own words: supporters and critics of the church speak

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Index: Abortion Law and Women's Health Worldwide