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Conscience magazine offers in-depth, cutting-edge coverage of vital contemporary issues, including reproductive rights, sexuality and gender, feminism, the religious right, church and state issues and US politics.

Our readership includes national and international opinion leaders and policymakes, members of the press and leaders in the fields of theology, ethics and women's studies.

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Current Issue: Africa Calling
Vol. XXXV — No. 1                                                                                                View PDF


A Morality Tale

Catholic Healthcare Offers More Dogma than Science for Kenyan Women

Joke van Kampen

Failing the Test

How Tanzanian Schools Deny Pregnant Students their Education

Alisha Bjerregaard

The Untold Story of Africa's Secular Tradition

Leo Igwe

Religion, Custom and Colonialism

West Africa's Obstacles to Abortion Access

Codou Bop

Rwanda: Where Abortion Can Lead to Prison

Chantal Umuhoza

Understanding Abortion Access in Africa

Catholics for Choice

An Abortion in Brazil

The Case That Saved a Life and Divided the Vatican

Muriel Fraser

After Tiller

Is Anybody Out There Listening?

Ruth Riddick


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