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Volume XXVI

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The Economics of Abortion Access in the US

Restrictions on government funding for abortion is the post-Roe battleground

by Marlene Gerber Fried

Penalizing Poor Women

Welfare policies in the United States penalize larger families while denying the means to plan for smaller ones

by Diana Romero

Aid ≠ Help

Development aid is driven by politics, not a desire to alleviate poverty

by David Sogge

Women, World Summits and Millennium Development Goals

Keeping women's gains center stage and the United Nations

by Nadia Johnson

A Fear of Failure

The Vatican puts its antiabortion message above poverty alleviation

by Serra Sippel

Catholic Bishops on Poverty

Perhaps despite themselves, the US hierarchy has had it right

by David E. Anderson

Catholic Laity and Religious on Poverty

An account of how the preferential option for the poor manifesets itself in the lives of some Catholics

by Sr. Dorothy Pagosa

Roundtable: The Lessons of Poverty

Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs, Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock, and Malachy McCourt

Opinion: What is Abortion?

How the semantics of the abortion discourse affect the movement

by Amy Richards

A Taboo Too Far

What my conscience tells me about church sexuality

by Tom Leonard

Eden & Ethics for a Grown-Up Society

How the Song of Songs can give us a new sexual ethic for the 21st century

by Rabbi Arthur Waskow


Editor’s Note


C In Catholic Circles
Includes a report on the Condoms4Life Campaign at Catholic World Youth Day

Book Reviews

  • Jefferey Sachs' The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time
    by Daniel Ben-Ami

  • Patrick W Carey's Catholics in America: A History
    by Michele Dillon

  • Anthony T. Padovano's Life Choices: Toward a Catholic Thology of Reproductive Options
    by Angela Bonavoglia

  • Lisa Smyth's Abortion and Nation and Jennifer E. Spreng's Abortion and Divorce Law in Ireland
    by Ivana Bacik

A list of new and noteworthy books

C Postscript
In their own words: supporter and critics of the church speak

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