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Spring 2006: Table of Contents
Volume XXVII — No. 1

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Conscience Magazine, Spring 2006

C Catholic Pride... and Prejudice

The story behind the Catholic hierarchy's obsession with sexuality

by Mary E. Hunt

C Opinion: On the Unstable Marriage of Reproductive and Sexual Rights

The case for a trial separation

by Rosalind P, Petchesky

Promoting Bigotry, from Cradle to Grave

The religious right’s anti-gay agenda

by Denise Shannon


Is it disgusting, or is it delightful?

by Christopher Durang

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

LGBT and sexual rights activism

By Susana T. Fried

Gland Inquisitor

Pope Benedict's antigay tendencies

by William Saletan

Talking Sex, Desiring Justice

The denial of sexuality is a denial of humanity

by Marvin M. Ellison

Roundtable: Overcoming Prejudice

Mandy CarterKaiyti DuffyRabbi Sharon KleinbaumJoe MurrayCarmen LaneShanon Shah bin Mohd. SidikChristian de la Huerta Debbie Weill

How Our Minds Have Changed

A historical view of same sex love

by Bernadette Brooten

World Religions and the Struggle for Equality

How leaders of the world’s major religions address homosexuality as LGBT people of all faiths fight to get their piece of the piety

by Harry Knox & Sharon Groves

Shifting the Blame

The Vatican’s campaign to purge gay men from Catholic seminaries is an attempt to shift the blame for the sexual abuse scandal away from the bishops

by Rev. Dr. Robert E. Goss


Editor’s Note


C In Catholic Circles

Book Reviews

  • Farida Shaheed with Aisha Lee-Shaheed‘s Great Ancestors: Women Asserting Rights in Muslim Contexts
  • Kate Michelman’s With Liberty and Justice for All: A Life Spent Protecting the Right to Choose
  • Marci A. Hamilton’s God vs. the Gavel: Religion and the Rule of Law
  • Ronald B. Flowers’ That Godless Court?  Supreme Court Decisions on Church-State Relationships and David K. Ryden & Jeffrey Polet’s Sanctioning Religion?  Politics, Law, and Faith-Based Public Services 

A list of new and noteworthy books

C Postscript
In their own words: supporter and critics of the church speak

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