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What We Do

Religion in Public Policy

Catholics for Choice believes religious voices and traditions are an important part of public discourse. CFC belives in a world where all voices, the voices of the religious and of the secular, of Catholics and non-Catholics alike, are heard throughout public policy discussions.

CFC works to ensure an appropriate role for religion in public life through:

DEFENDING prochoice Catholic policy makers who come under attack from the Vatican and conservative Catholics when they stand up for the needs of women--and the wishes of their constituents--in support of comprehensive reproductive health-care services.

PROMOTING discourse on the role of religion in public policy at the European Parliament, in Latin America and at the state and federal levels in the US by convening public debates with policy makers on the growing tensions over the role of religion in public policy.

COUNTERING the disproportionate weight that the views of the Vatican are given in policy making by compaigning against its special status at the United Nationas and in other polical systems.