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Vol. XXXIV — No. 1                                                                                                                            
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Beyond Savita

Why the Law Might Begin to Catch up to Irish Attitudes on Abortion

Brendan O'Neill

Creaking at the Seams

New Zealand's Access to Abortion Care

Dame Margaret Sparrow

Steps Forward and Back

Legal Abortion Access in Latin America

Annie Kelly

What It Means to Be Prochoice

London Declaration of Prochoice Principles

Putin's Russia

Can the Orthodox Church Replace the Communist Party?

Marina Davidashvili

Trying to Turn Back the Clock on Abortion Rights in Spain

Maria R. Sahuquillo

Two Views from Poland

The Hidden Story of Pope John Paul II's 'Culture of Life' and Polish Abortion Policy

Anka Grzywacz

Two Views from Poland

Abortion in Poland: The Paradox of the Status Quo

Piotr Kalbarczyk

Conspiracy or Confusion?

Abortion Politics in Britain

Jennie Bristow

First Person

'The Lesser of Two Evils': Living the Illogical Ban on Contraception

Jeanne DeSocio


Editor’s Note


In Catholic Circles


A list of new and noteworthy books

In their own words: Supporters and Critics of the church speak

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Index: Abortion around the World