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World congress of families

In Their Own Words

14 May 2007

The following quotes were taken from speeches made at the the World Congress of Families, May 12-14, 2007 in Warsaw Poland.

“Feminists of Europe take note, the safest place for children is in the natural family. The most dangerous is cohabiting couples.”
Patrick Fagan, Heritage Foundation

“Every day, an American industry drops metric tons of toxic waste in your countries and homes. I refer to Hollywood, whose principle products—with honorable exceptions—are sex, violence, perversion, nihilism, attacks on religion and a thoroughgoing anti-family ethic.”
Don Feder, Communications Director of the World Congress of Families

“When in any society, the natural family is denied its basic rights to care for its members or when it is deprived of its social and legal protections, it very soon becomes victim of the aggressive forces that promote killing on a massive scale and stands before these forces vulnerable to their depredations.”
Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, president of Human Life International

“Marriage will be destroyed by making all relationships equal.”
Ben Bull, The Alliance Defense Fund

“Assistance, compassion, medical counseling are the only way to approach homosexuality from a Christian perspective.”
Fr. Dariusz Oko, Pontifical Academy of Theology in Cracow

"Mexico City has legalized abortion in the entire country. If the law goes into effect, women anywhere in Mexico can come to the capital for an abortion – hence, de facto, countrywide legalized abortion. This notwithstanding that Mexico's constitution requires the state to defend human life 'from conception to its natural end.' The leftists who control Mexico City's assembly are trying to force their will on every Mexican. Clearly, the City's government is under the misimpression that it is the Mexican Congress.”
Allan Carlson, World Congress of Families International Secretary

“The leftist wants every aspect of life regulated except sex. Sex advances their reshaping of society.”
Bob Knight, Media Research Center

 “Legalizing same-sex marriage will drain marriage of its social meaning.”
Lynn Wardle, Brigham Young University

“The rise of European cohabitation leads ineluctably to increases in lone parenthood, and we know from recent social science research that lone parenthood poses a threat to the well-being of children in European societies such as Norway, Sweden and England.”
Brad Wilcox, University of Virginia

“Without the family there is no state, there is no government, there is nothing.”
Roman Giertych, Poland’s minister of education and vice prime minister

“Europe has espoused not only anti-natalist policies of all kinds, but policies of sexual permissiveness which are proven to create infertility on a wide scale.”
Christine de Vollmer, Latin American Alliance for the Family