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CFFC in the News - 2005

Npr/ justice talking

The Supreme Court Tackles Abortion: A Look at Mandatory Parental Involvement Laws

21 November 2005

The Supreme Court Tackles Abortion: A Look at Mandatory Parental Involvement Laws
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In a New Hampshire case challenging a law requiring parental notification for an abortion, the hotly contested issue is again before the United States Supreme Court. Join us on this edition of Justice Talking as we talk about whether a teenager has the right to have an abortion without her parents' involvement or without going before a judge to get permission.


Cynthia Gorney Cynthia Gorney is a professor of journalism at the University of California at Berkely Graduate School of Journalism. She is the author of Articles of Faith: A Frontline History of the Abortion Wars, and has written for numerous magazines.
Cathy Ruse Cathy Ruse is a senior fellow for legal studies for the Family Research Council, a conservative public policy organization. She is also the former spokesperson on human life issues for the U.S. Catholic bishops. Mrs. Ruse was also Chief Counsel to the Constitution Subcommittee in the House of Representatives and in 1998-99, counsel to the House Judiciary Committee.
Louis Melling Louise Melling is Director of the ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Project. She has appeared in federal and state courts around the country to challenge laws that restrict reproductive rights and has participated in numerous challenges to laws restricting teenagers' access to abortion.
Frances Kissling Frances Kissling is president of Catholics for a Free Choice. Kissling's organization challenges Catholic church leaders on some of today's most debated cultural and moral issues.
Joe Fuerherd Joe Feuerherd is the Washington correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter. He focuses on church-related issues on Capitol Hill and the White House, on nonprofit associations and interest groups and reporting on the Washington-based U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Laurence Tribe Laurence Tribe is the Carl M. Loeb University Professor at Harvard Law School specializing in constitutional law.

Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England

Hear the actual arguments before the supreme court of the case behind this week's show.

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