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CFC in the News - 2008

The Washington post

Vatican Ethics Guide Stirs Controversy: Church Decries Stem Cell Research, Infertility Treatments

Rob Stein and Michelle Boorstein

13 December 2008

American Scientist

Will a New Vatican Document Affect Science and Reproductive Health?

Brendan Borrell

12 December 2008

international herald tribune

Vatican Issues Instruction on Bioethics

Laurie Goodstein and Elisabetta Povoledo

12 December 2008

rh reality check

New Radio Ads Say, Good Catholics Use Condoms

Jon O'Brien and Silvia Henriquez

1 December 2008

the hill's congress blog

The Catholic Vote and Priorities for the Next President

Jon O'Brien

6 November 2008

Opposing Views

The Question is Not Whether Life is Present

Jon O'Brien

29 October 2008

Opposing Views

Catholics can support prochoice politicians in good conscience

Jon O'Brien

20 October 2008


Catholic voters urged to weigh abortion issue

Jeff Diamant

19 October 2008

fort worth star-telegram

In letter, area Catholic dioceses urge votes for pro-life candidates

Patrick McGee

14 October 2008

the hill's congress blog

Individual Conscience In Moral Decision Matters At Core of Catholic Tradition

Jon O'Brien

14 September 2008

the bulletin (philadelphia)

Bishops Chastise Biden's Pro-Choice Comments

Erin Maguire

11 September 2008

inter press service

Women Take the Platform at Dem Convention

Ali Gharib

27 August 2008

The hill's congress blog

Catholic Bishops Not on the Same Page as Pelosi, American Catholics

Jon O'Brien

27 August 2008

national catholic reporter

Bishops dispute Speaker Pelosi comment on abortion

26 August 2008

The Hill

Pelosi’s feud with archbishop escalates

Bob Cusack

26 August 2008

boston globe (blog)

Bishops criticize Pelosi over abortion

Michael Paulson

26 August 2008

The Hill's congress blog

To Win the ‘Catholic Vote’: Focus on Bread and Butter Issues

Jon O'Brien

24 August 2008

freethought radio

RADIO: Guest: Jon O'Brien, President of Catholics for Choice

2 August 2008

the tablet (uk)

Rome snubs progressives’ call for revision of contraception ban

Timothy Lavin

2 August 2008


Catholic groups ask pope to end contraception ban

25 July 2008

associated press

Catholics to pope: Lift the birth control ban

25 July 2008

the scotsman (scotland)

40 years on: Papal defiance of Sixties culture has grim legacy

23 July 2008

the tablet

Abortion rate hits record high

Thomas Norton

28 June 2008


Prochoice Catholicism 101

Jon O'Brien and Sara Morello

Spring 2008

orlando sentinel

Stem-cell research can promote life, dignity and discovery

Jon O'Brien

13 June 2008

Australian broadcasting corporation - the world today

Aid Groups Respond to Abortion Funding
Audio clip available

Reporter: Emily Bourke

4 June 2008

national public radio - america abroad

Holy Diplomacy
Audio clip available

Reporter: Elizabeth Arnold

May 2008

associated Press

British lawmakers support existing time limit for abortions

David Stringer

20 May 2008

daily telegraph

Ministers lead drive for lower abortion limit

James Kirkup

20 May 2008

buffalo news

Pope’s visit brings out other views

Jay Tokasz

20 April 2008

inter press service

Pope's Visit Highlights Fault Lines in the Church

Arlene Chang

20 April 2008


Praying For A Listening Pope

Jon O'Brien

18 April 2008

washington times

U.N. visit highlights the pope's unique status

Betsy Pisik

18 April 2008

chicago tribune

Pope expected to appeal for peace at UN appearance

Stevenson Swanson

17 April 2008

al jazeera

Video: Jon O'Brien Interview

Jon O'Brien, President on Al Jazeera

16 April 2008

irish times

Pope begins US visit in attempt to galvanise Catholics

Dennis Staunton

16 April 2008

Rzeczpospolita (Poland)

Tort dla Benedykta XVI

Piotr Gillert

16 April 2008

voice of america

Many US Catholics Out of Step with Church on Contraception, Abortion
Video clip available

Jeff Swicord

14 April 2008

richmond times-dispatch

Pope's many facets puzzle fans, critics: Known for enforcing doctrine, he's also seen as very gentle, caring

Zachary Reid

13 April 2008

associated press

Papal Visit Provokes Array of Protests

David Crary

13 April 2008

national catholic reporter

Unruly Americans vie for attention

Eileen Markay

4 April 2008

religion news service

Forty years later, contraception ban colors U.S.-Vatican ties

Daniel Burke

12 March 2008

wisconsin state journal

Whose rights have precedence?

Jon O'Brien

25 January 2008

philadelphia daily news

Abortion: It's an issue of social justice

Carol Towarnicky

23 January 2008


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