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CFC in the News - 2010

The Guardian (United Kingdom)

Playing Catholic politics with US healthcare

Becky Garrison

31 December 2010

Agence France Presse

Hospital católico en EEUU sancionado por la Iglesia tras aborto terapéutico

21 December 2010

Press Association

Irish abortion ban violates women's rights - Euro court

16 December 2010

Belfast Telegraph

Pro-choice campaigners hail ruling

16 December 2010

The Telegraph (United Kingdom)

Ireland condemned for anti-abortion law

Bruno Waterfield

16 December 2010

Interfaith Voices

The Pope's Stance on Condoms: Two Sides Weigh In

Maureen Fiedler

1 December 2010

Daily Mail (United Kingdom)

Women as well as men can use condoms, declares Vatican as it clarifies Pope's comments

24 November 2010

The Nation

On Condoms, Hope From the Pope

Katha Pollitt

23 November 2010

People's World

Pope's condom statement offers Rorschach theology

Theresa Albano

23 November 2010

The Telegraph (UNITED KINGDOM)

Pope: condom use not limited to male prostitutes

23 November 2010

Fox 5 News

'Seismic shift' on condoms

Sherri Ly

23 November 2010

CBS News

Vatican: Pope seeks debate on condoms, AIDS

22 November 2010

The Times (United Kingdom)

Vatican critics 'stung' Pope into concession on condoms

James Bone and Ruth Gledhill

22 November 2010

Belfast Telegraph (United kingdom)

Confusion reigns following Pope's 'U-turn' on condoms

John Cooney

22 November 2010

The Independent (UNited Kingdom)

Pope must be clear on condoms

22 November 2010

The Telegraph (United Kingdom)

Confusion over Pope's condom views after he says they are acceptable in 'certain cases'

Nick Squires and John Bingham

21 November 2010

Channel 4 News

Pope condones condoms to stop AIDS

21 November 2010


Pope's condom comments welcomed by campaign groups

21 November 2010

Financial Times

Pope's stance on condoms welcomed

Guy Dinmore and Andrew Jack

21 November 2010


Condoms sometimes permissible to stop AIDS- Pope

Philip Pullella

21 November 2010

Los Angeles Times

Pope says condom use is acceptable in 'single justified cases'

Mitchell Landsberg

21 November 2010


The Hidden Power of the Vatican

Gideon Levy

9 October 2010


Is the Catholic Church's Argument Against IVF a Bit Holey?

Meredith Melnick

8 October 2010

Agence France Presse

Empire State Building turns down Mother Teresa tribute

26 August 2010

Fox News

Empire State Building Gains Some Catholic Support for Saying 'No' to Mother Teresa

Lauren Green

25 August 2010

Wall Street Journal

Catholics Split Over Idea of Homage to Mother Teresa

Michael Howard Saul

23 August 2010

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Catholic church, contraception coverage collide

Annysa Johnson

12 August 2010


Jon O'Brien Discusses "Seeing is Believing" on WPFW

Gloria Minott

4 August 2010

Manila Standard Today

Breaking the silence

Jojo A. Robles

3 August 2010

Associated Press

Catholic group hails new Omaha abortion clinic

31 July 2010

Staying Alive Campaign

Inside Vienna: Catholics for Condoms

21 July 2010


Women priests and sex abuse not equal crimes: Vatican

Philip Pullella

16 July 2010

inter press service

Extending the Reach of Safe Abortion

Daniela Pastrana

17 June 2010

USa Today

Can Abortion Be Life-saving? Does Mother's Life Count?

21 May 2010


Nun Excommunicated for Approving Life-saving Abortion

Carol Costello

21 May 2010

Religion News Service

Catholic Bishops Leave Civil Rights Group after Kagan Endorsement

Daniel Burke

20 May 2010

agence france presse

En Dépit des Préceptes de l'Eglise Catholique, les Femmes Prennent la Pilule


5 May 2010


Opportunity in Crises: The Catholic Left Hopes to Disentangle Catholic Morality from the Church Hierarchy

Tim Fernholz

20 April 2010

canwest news service

Catholic Group Urges Harper to Include Abortion, Contraception in G8 Policy

Meaghan Fitzpatrick

7 April 2010

canadian press

Catholic Group Urges PM to Include Abortion in G8 Initiative


7 April 2010

toronto sun

Catholic Group Criticizes PM's Family Planning Initiative

Bryn Weese

7 April 2010

philippines news agency

DOH Secretary Gets Support on Condom Distribution

5 April 2010

manila bulletin

Catholic Group Backs DOH on Condom Use

Jenny Manongdo

5 April

the nation

Papal Indulgences

Katha Pollitt

1 April 2010

congressional quarterly

House Democrats Still in Search of Abortion Agreement on Health Care Bill

Clea Benson and Edward Epstein

9 March 2010


Gender Equality and Political Will Crucial in Reducing Maternal Mortality

9 March 2010


Abortion Could be Health Bill Deal Breaker in House

Patrick O'Connor

8 March 2010

channel newsasia

Pro-life Democrats Prepared to Derail Healthcare Legislation over Issue of Abortion

Daniel Ryntjes

6 March 2010

agence france-presse

Hands off Health Care, US Catholic Group Tells Bishops

5 March 2010

the star-ledger

N.J. Catholic Leaders Confront Same-sex Marriage, Health Care, Illegal Immigration

Jeff Diamant

30 January 2010

national radio project

'Hyde-ing' the Right to Choose

19 January 2010


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