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CFC in the News - 2013

daily beast

Does Pope Francis Have a Woman Problem?

Barbie Latza Nadeau

20 December 2013


Reformer or Hypocrite? Understanding Pope Francis

Sonali Kolhatkar

12 December 2013

USA Today

Notre Dame re-files Obamacare contraception lawsuit

Cara Newlon

7 December 2013


Civil war in the church!: Catholics tell bishops to stop playing doctor

Katie McDonough

5 December 2013


Repro Wrap: Your Boss May Get to Veto Your Birth Control and Other News

Robin Marty

30 November 2013

Washington Examiner

Pope says church won't cave in on abortion, slams pro-choice laws

Paul Bedard

26 November 2013


Historic abortion vote in New Mexico

Thomas Roberts

19 November 2013

Associated Press

Albuquerque vote targets late-term abortion clinic

Jeri Clausing

18 November 2013


Abortion Ban Initiative Vote On Tuesday

Susan Thom Loubet

16 November 2013

Washington Times

U.S. Catholic bishops ponder politics of Pope Francis before picking new leader

Nathan Porter

11 November 2013

Albuquerque Journal

Don't make an idol of ideology

Joan Lamunyon Sanford

10 November 2013

El Paso Times

Stand with El Paso women rally talks voting, reproductive rights

María Cortés González

9 November 2013

MSNBC - Melissa Harris-Perry Show

Communities fight for control of hospitals

Meredith Clark

9 November 2013

KTSM - El Paso

Vote with Texas Women Rally rolls into town Friday

6 November 2013

Associated Press

Ohio rally pushes women's health, abortion rights

Julie Carr Smyth

2 October 2013

MSNBC - The Last Word with Lawrence o'Donnell

Religious leaders unite against ‘immoral’ shutdown

Clare Kim

1 October 2013

Irish times

Campaign for legal abortions says new laws too restrictive

Mary Carolan

27 September 2013

Christian Post

Prominent Catholic Official Says Pelosi Should Be Denied Communion Over Pro-Choice Politics

Michael Gryboski

26 September 2013

Al Jazeera America

US Catholics mixed on pope's words, but was message missed?

Sarah Posner

25 September 2013

Uprising RAdio

Does Pope Francis Represent a More Progressive Future for Catholicism?

Sonali Kolhatkar

23 September 2013

New Security Beat

Religion and Reproductive Rights: Looking For Common Ground

Jacob Glass

23 September 2013

Irish Times

Positive reactions to Pope Francis interview

Patsy McGarry

21 September 2013

The Times (UK)

‘Heal, or church will fall apart’

Ruth Gledhill

21 September 2013

Christian Science Monitor

American Catholics like what they're hearing from Pope Francis

Brad Knickerbocker

21 September 2013

Voice of America

Wide Praise for Pope’s Rejection of Focus on Sexual Issues

Jerome Socolovsky

20 September 2013

Religion Dispatches

What The Church Needs More Than a ‘Good Pope’

Mary E. Hunt

20 September 2013

Washington Times

Liberals take heart from Pope Francis’ ‘home for all’ remarks

Cheryl Wetzstein

19 September 2013

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Pope cautions against becoming 'obsessed' with abortion, gay marriage

Annysa Johnson

19 September 2013


Pope chooses not to speak on abortion, gay marriage or contraception

19 September 2013

Fox News

Battle over birth control mandate could reach Supreme Court

Shannon Bream

4 September 2013

BBC World News

Jon O’Brien discusses Pope Francis’ comments about women and gay men

30 July 2013

Voice of America

Pope’s First Trip Abroad Changes View of Church

Jerome Socolovsky

29 July 2013


Ireland's Modern Proposal

Jason Walsh

25 July 2013

Señal Alternativa

Más del 90% de la población está de acuerdo con la educación sexual en los colegios

11 July 2013

Crain's Chicago Business

Rush Oak Park Hospital to keep Catholic abortion policy

Claire Bushey

9 July 2013


Putting choice back into the prochoice movement

Ann Furedi

17 June 2013

Your News Now

Debating the Reproductive Health Act

Antoinette DelBel

29 May 2013

The Star

Shun condoms Priest urges

Stanley Njenga

15 May 2013

Ecumenical News

Catholic group's condom ad message riles Kenyan bishops

Dawn Cherie Araujo

15 May 2013

Daily Nation

Numbers that drive the bold campaigns for condom use

Peter Oduor

13 May 2013

Daily Nation

Group rubbing Catholic leaders the wrong way

13 May 2013

Daily Nation

Controversial condom advert sparks debate in the Church

Kenfrey Kiberenge

12 May 2013

Daily Nation

How Catholics for Choice started in the US

12 May 2013

South Africa Press Association

Catholic leader disappointed by bishops

8 May 2013

Daily Nation

Lobby group hits out at bishops over advert stance

8 May 2013

BBC News Africa

Kenya condom advert opposed by Catholic Church

8 May 2013

BBC Mundo

Obispos de Kenia piden eliminar anuncio de condones

8 May 2013

BBC Indonesia

Katolik Kenya menentang iklan kondom

8 May 2013


Condom Advert Causes A Stir Once Again

Jeff Omondi

30 April 2013

Standard Digital

Catholic cleric disowns condom advertisement

Wainaina Ndung’u

30 April 2013


The Big Debate on ‘Good Catholics Use Condoms’

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ

29 April 2013

Legislative Gazette

Where is the Women's Equality Agenda?

Josefa Velasquez

29 April 2013


A pragmatic response from Condoms4Life

Sam Gakunyi

25 April 2013


Remaking the case for a woman’s right to choose

Ann Furedi

24 April 2013

Medical Daily

Catholic Church Drops White House Subpoena Request, Continues Contraceptives Fight

Matthew Mientka

23 April 2013

WBNG 12 Action News

Area Catholics choosing choice

Jillian Marshall

23 April 2013

WICZ Fox 40

Catholic Perspective on Sexuality

23 April 2013

Your News Now

Catholics react to Women’s Equality Agenda

Elyse Mickalonis

23 April 2013


Judge widens "morning-after" pill access for young girls

Jessica Dye

5 April 2013


Dos de los grandes retos del Papa

Lourdes del Rio

19 March 2013

Up w/Chris Hayes

Catholics for Choice on Up w/Chris Hayes

16 March 2013

Wall Street Journal

In Latin America, Catholics See a Lift

David Luhnow and Sara Schaefer Muñoz

15 March 2013

Christian Science Monitor

Election of Pope Francis fuels hopes for Catholic reform

Nick Squires

14 March 2013


Aux Etats-Unis, le nouveau pape devra faire face à une église divisée

Noémie Taylor, avec AFP

14 mars 2013


Alliantie van niet gelovigen dwarsboomt vrouwenrechten

Marit Maij

14 maart 2013

Washington Times

Americans cheer on pope from New World

Sidney Van Wyk and Cheryl Wetzstein

13 March 2013

Religion News SErvice

Reactions to Pope Francis’ election

Caleb K. Bell

13 March 2013

Washington Times Communities

Pope Francis: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Joseph Cotto

13 March 2013

International Business Times

New Pope 2013: How Ready Enough is Pope Francis for the Job?

Esther Tanquintic-Misa

13 March 2013

Agence France Presse

François 1er, "figure de l'unité" pour les évêques des Etats-Unis

13 March 2013

The Raw Story

New pope same as the old pope: LGBT marriage and adoption rights ‘damage the family’

David Edwards

13 March 2013


DirectoUSA: Comienza en Cónclave

12 March 2013


Pro-Choice Catholics Work To Change The Church From Within

Peggy Fox

9 March 2013

Florida Today

Catholics wait, watch as papal selection nears

J.D. Gallop

9 March 2013

The Nation

At the UN, Twenty Years of Backlash to 'Women's Rights Are Human Rights'

Barbara Crosette

5 March 2013

De Volkskrant

De verlossing moet uit het Zuiden komen

Rob Vreeken

16 February 2013

Religion Dispatches

Catholics for Choice Blasts New Proposed Contraception Coverage Rule

Sarah Posner

1 February 2013


Obama Admin Tries Again to Appease Misogynist Clerics on Contraception; No Dice

Adele Stan

1 February 2013

Religion Dispatches

Why Religious Exemptions Matter

Sarah Posner

1 February 2013

Huffington Post

Religious Reaction To Contraception Mandate Changes Mixed; Some Say Religious Freedom Is Violated

Jaweed Kaleem

1 February 2013


Obama Offers Compromise on Birth Control Insurance Coverage

David Morgan

1 February 2013

Kansas City Star

Catholic Church tests its reach in health care debate

Mary Sanchez

30 January 2013

Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio

The Abortion Debate

29 January 2013

Washington Times

Two sides of Roe: Activists weigh in on ruling’s past, present, future

Cheryl Wetzstein

22 January 2013

National Public Radio - Morning Edition

'Roe v. Wade' Turns 40, But Abortion Debate Is Even Older

Julie Rovner

22 January 2013

Agence France PResse

40 years later, abortion rights still contested in US

Fabienne Faur

21 January 2013


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