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CFC in the News - 2015

Buzzfeed News

Catholic Hospitals Sued For Refusing Emergency Care To Pregnant Women

Azeen Ghorayshi

1 October 2015

US News & World Report

Outsiders Keep the Faith

Susan Milligan

23 September 2015

The guardian

Obama and the pope defend 'religious liberty' – but where and for whom?

Harriet Sherwood

23 September 2015


During Holy Year, Priests Permitted To Forgive Women Who Had Abortions

Jennifer Ludden

2 September 2015


Pope to allow all priests to forgive abortion during Holy Year

Isla Binnie and Philip Pullella

1 September 2015

Washington Post

Pope Francis emphasizes forgiveness for women who have abortions

Michelle Boorstein and Sarah Pulliam Bailey

1 September 2015

The Independent

Kenyan billboard critical of Obama's stance on abortion 'censored'

Doug Bolton

25 July 2015

The Star

Catholics for Choice says Obama billboard in Westlands pulled down

Lydia Matata

24 July 2015

CAJ News Africa

Catholics, Obama in collision course ahead of Kenya trip

Maria Macharia

24 July 2015

The Independent

America's bitter war over abortion rights highlighted as sting video 'shows pro-choice doctor offering body parts of dead foetuses'

Michael Segalov

17 July 2015

Religion Dispatches

Conservative Catholics Try To Domesticate Laudato Si

Patricia Miller

24 June 2015

Ms. Feminist Wire

Organizations Urge the President to Reinterpret Helms Amendment and Aid Nigerian Refugees

8 June 2015

New York Times

Religious Leaders Urge U.S. to Fund Abortions for Rape Victims in Conflicts Abroad

Michael D. Shear

4 June 2015


Faith and Human Rights Leaders Call on Obama Administration to Fund Abortions for Rape Victims

Melanie Fonder Kaye

4 June 2015

Refinery 29

Are Catholic Charities Denying Care To The Most Vulnerable Girls?

Meredith Clark

31 May 2015


Paraguay Denies Pregnant 10-Year-Old An Abortion & The Tragic Case Exposes The Country's Draconian Anti-Abortion Policies

Lauren Barbato

5 May 2015


GOP moves to block anti-discrimination law protecting reproductive choice

Irin Carmon

21 April 2015

Roll Call

Norton Warns GOP: Don't Tread on D.C.

Bridget Bowman

20 April 2015

Le Soir

Jon O’Brien: «Le Pape parle pour lui-même, pas pour 99% des catholiques!»

Elodie Blogie

7 April 2015


How the Catholic Church broke Congress

Patricia Miller

30 March 2015


The religious right’s pope problem: Why Rick Santorum & co. are so out of touch on birth control

Katie McDonough

22 January 2015

New York Times

Pope Amuses and Insults With Remark on Parenting

Elisabetta Povoledo

20 January 2015


Cool pope still isn’t cool with birth control. Most Catholics think that’s uncool

Katie McDonough

20 January 2015


Pope defends ban on artificial contraception

20 January 2015


The Pope Francis revolution: Inside the catastrophic collapse of the Catholic right

Patricia Miller

18 January 2015

LGBTQ Nation

Waking the sleeping beast of religious liberty

Frederick Clarkson

4 January 2015


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