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CFC in the News - 2011

St. Petersburg Times

Women's rights at risk

2 December 2011

The Nation

Bishops vs. Women: Which Side is Obama On?

Katha Pollitt

30 November 2011

Louisville Courier-Journal

Birth control

26 November 2011

Religion Dispatches

Both Sides Expect Obama to Side with Bishops on Contraception Coverage

Sarah Posner

22 November 2011

Florida Independent

Anti-abortion Democrats want religious exemption in birth control decision

Ashley Lopez

21 November 2011

Voice of America

Catholic Bishops: Religious Liberty Under Attack in US

Jerome Socolovsky

18 November 2011

The Gazette

Maryland bishops warn ‘religious liberty’ threatened by same-sex marriage

C. Benjamin Ford

14 November 2011

Erie Reader

Joe Pitts, Religion, and Healthcare

Jay Stevens

10 November 2011

The David Pakman Show

Some Catholics Support Contraception & Choice

David Pakman

7 November 2011

New York Times

A New Battle Over Contraception

5 November 2011

Huffington Post

Birth Control Coverage Sparks Fight Between Pro-Choice Groups And Catholics At Hearing

Laura Bassett

2 November 2011

Politico Pro

Bishops seek broader health care exemption for birth control

J. Lester Feder

2 November 2011

Huffington Post

The Men Behind The War On Women

Laura Bassett

1 November 2011

PAgina 12

Opiniones sin influencia ecclesial

Mariana Carbajal

1 November 2011


Un sondeo reveló un importante apoyo hacia el aborto

1 November 2011

Entre Mujeres

Aborto: comienza el debate en Diputados

Sabrina Díaz Virzi

1 November 2011

El Diario

En Argentina, una de cada tres personas conoce a alguien que abortó

1 November 2011


Bishops Are Behind the 'Let Women Die' Act and the Push Against Birth Control -- Even As They're Under Fire for Sex Abuse Scandals

Sarah Seltzer

17 October 2011

Associated Press

House votes to stop abortion coverage under new health care law

Jim Abrams

13 October 2011

Huffington Post

Protect Life Act: New Bill Would Allow Hospitals To Refuse To Perform Abortions

Laura Bassett

11 October 2011

Washington Times

Bishops push back against Obama on social issues

Cheryl Wetzstein

5 October 2011

Religion Dispatches

Religious Exemption for Contraception Under Health Care Law

Sarah Morice-Brubaker

30 September 2011

KPFA 94.1 FM

Jon O'Brien on Living Room with Kris Welch

Kris Welch

23 September 2011

Florida Independent

Fifty-plus groups ask Obama to clarify position on ‘federally funded employment discrimination’

Ashley Lopez

20 September 2011

Mother Jones

Anti-Abortion Leader Suspended Over Financial Suspicions

Kate Sheppard

13 September 2011

Florida Independent

Priests for Life leader reportedly suspended over accusations of financial mismanagement

Ashley Lopez

13 September 2011

San Francisco Chronicle

My pilgrimage to promote condom use

Samantha Williams

23 August 2011

El Referente

Católicos, sí; preservativo, también

22 August 2011

Associated COntent

Abortions Forgiven at World Youth Day

Kim Jacobs Walker

18 August 2011

Europa Quotidiano

La crociata delle magliette rosse

Aldo Maria Valli

18 August 2-11

El Confidencial

Ana Botella veta una campaña anti-sida de condones por la visita del Papa a Madrid

José L. Lobo

17 August 2011

Cadena SER

La coalición “Jornada Mundial de la Juventud para Tod@s” es destacada en el programa de radio “La Ventana de Madrid”

17 August 2011

El Diario

Un grupo católico defenderá el condón

17 August 2011

Agencia EFE

"Catholics for Choice" aprovechará la visita del papa para defender el condón

16 August 2011

Religion News Service

Condom Activists Push Debate At Catholic World Youth Day

David Gibson

16 August 2011

Agencia EFE

Catholics for Choice Advocates for Condom Use During Pope’s Visit to Madrid

16 August 2011

Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Young Catholics converge on Madrid to wait for pope

Sinikka Tarvainen

16 August 2011


Risk för totalförbud mot abort i Polen

Carolina Hemlin

11 August 2011

The Roanoke Times

Preventive care must include birth control

7 August 2011

Agence France Presse

US women win in health reforms

2 August 2011

National Public Radio

Feds Order Insurers To Cover Birth Control Free Of Charge To Women

Julie Rovner

1 August 2011

Huffington Post

Free Birth Control Religious Exemption Coverage Sparks Controversy

Laura Bassett

1 August

Florida Independent

Federal health agency grants contraceptive opt-out for religious institutions

Ashley Lopez

1 August 2011

KPFA Radio

Jon O'Brien on "Living Room with Chris Welch"

Chris Welch

22 July 2011


"La libertad de expresión en España está en serias dudas"

Pablo Oliveira Y Silva

13 July 2011

Agencia EFE

Vetan anuncio a favor del preservativo a exhibir en JMJ de Madrid

13 July 2011

Agencia EFe

Madrid veta una campaña publicitaria a favor del uso del condón por la visita del Papa

13 July 2011

Europa Press

Los autobuses urbanos de Madrid rechazan una campaña en favor del uso del preservativo

12 July 2011

Europa Press

Botella defiende el veto a la campaña de los condones 'para no herir a nadie'

12 July 2011

Chicago Tribune

Chicago businesswoman resigns from Notre Dame board

Manya A. Brachear

8 June 2011

Religion Dispatches

Paul Ryan’s Bible, Jim Wallis’, Or None of the Above?

Sara Posner

6 June 2011

Associated Press

Movement to establish 'personhood' of fetus gains ground in South, divides abortion opponents

Molly Davis

4 June 2011

PBS NewsHour

Vatican Maintains Stance on Condoms at HIV/AIDS Summit

Ray Suarez

30 May 2011

Associated Press

Vatican convenes AIDS experts amid condom flap

Nicole Winfield

27 May 2011

Malta Star

Shadows cast on Maltese Church as International official condemns Church's Divorce propaganda

21 May 2011

VArlden idag

Bishop Protests Parliament Decision Against Doctors’ Conscience Rights

Eva Janzon

18 May 2011

THe Baltimore Sun

In defense of religious moderation

William Egginton

10 May 2011

USA Today - THe Oval

Obama attacked on abortion -- by abortion rights groups

David Jackson

9 May 2011

Fox 4 Florida

Can Catholics be pro-choice?

Julie Salomone

28 April 2011

Ms. Magazine

Treatment Denied

Molly M. Ginty

Spring 2011


Most Catholic women use birth control banned by church

Lauren Keiper

13 April 2011

The Irish Times

Irish pro-choice meeting in US

Cian Nihill

18 March 2011


Good Catholics Can Use Contraception

Peter Petrovcic

March 2011

Religion Dispatches

If Abortion Isn’t Health Care, What is It?

Mary E. Hunt

1 February 2011

Washington Post

Panel backs Holy Cross’s Montgomery hospital bid

Lena Sun

20 January 2011

Washington Post

In good conscience?

Jon O'Brien

19 January 2011

Washington Post

Religious hospitals' restrictions sparking conflicts, scrutiny

Rob Stein

19 January 2011

Washington Post

Coalition urges rejection of Holy Cross proposal for new Montgomery hospital

Lena Sun

19 January 2011

New York Times

Abortion and the Bishops

Jon O'Brien

14 January 2011


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