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CFC in the News - 2012

Washington Examiner

Credo: Jon O'Brien of Catholics for Choice

Liz Essley

29 December 2012

Los Angeles Times

Philippine Congress OKs bill to offer birth control to poor women

Kenneth R. Weiss and Sol Vanzi

18 January 2013

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Abortion and motherhood

Rina Jimenez-David

14 December 2012

Austin American-Statesman

Critics wary of Catholic teaching hospital for new UT medical school

Ralph K.M. Hurwitz and Mary Ann Roser

8 December 2012

Church & State

Catholic Bishops Shouldn't Impose Church Doctrines on Publicly Funded Programs, Civil Liberties Groups Tell Federal Court

Rob Boston

December 2012

Inter Press SErvice

Major New U.S. AIDS Plan Disallows Funding for Family Planning

Carey Biron

29 November 2012

Washington Times

Leading OB-GYN group endorses greater contraceptive access

Keely Brazil

20 November 2012

Baltimore Sun

Catholic Bishops struggle with message on gay marriage

Jonathan Pitts

13 November 2012

MAlta Star

Will Tonio Borg fill the seat?

13 November 2012

New Europe

Borg: a suitable candidate?

Cillian Donnelly

13 November 2012

Notizie Radicali

NO a un caso "Buttiglione bis" o "Dalli BIS": l’Associazione radicale Certi Diritti chiede all’UE di non nominare Tonio Borg commissario europeo alla sanità

13 November 2012

Agence France Presse

Les évêques catholiques attaquent la réforme Obama

le 12 novembre 2012

MAlta Star

EU NGOs reject nomination of Tonio Borg

12 November 2012

Malta Today

MEPs, European NGOs to call for rejection of Tonio Borg

Jurgen Balzan

12 November 2012

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Women and the bishops in US polls

Rina Jimenez-David

8 November 2012

Religion Dispatches

Why the Great Religious Realignment is a Great Secular Opportunity

Sarah Posner

7 November 2012

Religion Dispatches

Catholics Choose Conscience Over Church

Mary E. Hunt

2 November 2012

associated PRess

University of San Diego pulls fellowship for British theologian who backs gay marriage

Elliot Spagat

2 November 2012

Chicago Sun-Times

Leader of pro-choice Catholic group clashes with bishops

Maureen O’Donnell

29 October 2012

Windy City Times

Catholics for Choice president on religion and LGBT individuals

Kate Sosin

23 October 2012

Denver Post

Catholics lean toward Dems, but "moderates" could swing this election

Electa Draper

21 October 2012

Naples News

Guest column: Vote no on Amendment 6

Char Wendel

17 October 2012

Talking Points Memo

Poll: Majority Of Catholics Favor Obama, Oppose Abortion As Top Issue

Casey Michel

15 October 2012

WABE 90.1 FM

Atlanta Archdiocese Files Suit over Birth Control Mandate

Lisa George

11 October 2012

ATlanta journal-constitution

Archdiocese files suit over birth control mandate

Bill Rankin

10 October 2012


Anti-Abortion Activists Prepare for Battle in Ireland

Lorraine Turner

4 October 2012

Independent Voter Network

Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Democrats: Can They Coexist?

Patrick Cassidy

21 September 2012


Religious liberty emerges as sensitive political issue

Melissa Maynard

17 September 2012

The Daily Beast

5 Things to Watch at the DNC

Caitlin Dickson

4 September 2012

The American Prospect

Holy Rollers

Clare Malone

September/October 2012

Washington Times Communities

Jon O'Brien on speaking up for pro-choice Catholics

Joseph Cotto

24 August 2012


Bishops: God votes Republican

Sarah Posner

23 August 2012

Washington Times Communities

Asking Jon O'Brien: Can you be Catholic and pro-choice?

Joseph Cotto

23 August 2012

Wisconsin Gazette

Republicans for gay equality, choice urge an inclusive GOP platform

22 August 2012

Religion News Service

Conservative groups release survey on religious hostility

Lauren Markoe

22 August 2012

The Irish Times

US sisters are doing it for themselves

Frieda Klotz

11 August 2012

MAlta Star

Porcu’s arrival means Vatican-controlled IVF

8 August 2012


US rule highlights Catholic tensions over contraception

Susan Heavey

1 August 2012

Religion Dispatches

Religious Leaders Accuse Conservatives of Misleading Public on Contraception

Katie Toth

31 July 2012


Some contraception rule supporters worried about other lawsuits

Kathryn Smith

30 July 2012

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Catholics, condoms and the RH bill

Rina Jimenez-David

28 July 2012

Channel News Asia

Around 4.2 million people live with HIV in Asia-Pac region

Nick Harper

28 July 2012


Controversial campaña sobre el uso de preservativos

24 de julio de 2012


When is a condoms more than a condom?

Lisa Anderson

23 July 2012

Religion News Service

Amid political battle, Catholic bishops promote 'natural' family planning

Lauren Markoe

18 July 2012

Religion & Politics

Fortnight for Freedom: Whose Religious Liberty?

Jessica Coblentz

2 July 2012

Religion Dispatches

Pro-Life Org Sued for Sexual Abuse During Exorcism

Sarah Morice-Brubaker

28 June 2012

Religion Dispatches

Anti-Contraception Activists Claim Their Suits are Last Resort to Undermine Health Care

Sarah Posner

28 June 2012


Guddommelig stillhet i syndens by

Bente Rognan Gravklev

23. juni 2012

The NAtion

Who's Afraid of Secular Government?

Sarah Posner

22 June 2012

Christian Post

'Fortnight for Freedom' to Call Attention to Religious Freedom Issues

Napp Nazworth

21 June 2012

The Hill - Healthwatch

Catholic leaders seek to rally HHS mandate opponents

Elsie Viebeck and Sam Baker

19 June 2012

The Hill - Healthwatch

Catholic group to launch ad against birth control mandate

Elise Viebeck

19 June 2012

WFAE 90.7

Contraceptive Mandate Focus of Protest

Kalie McMonagle

11 June 2012

El Pais

La ofensiva antiaborto recorre Occidente

Maria R. Sahuquilo

9 de junio 2012

The Raw Story

Catholic institutions file lawsuit against Obama over birth control mandate

Andrew Jones

22 May 2012


“Leave women alone” act!

Irin Carmon

17 May 2012

Associated PRess

Gay marriage, abortion back in campaign spotlight

David Crary

13 May 2012

Associated Press

Single Mom: Catholic Schools Discriminated

Lisa Cornwell

30 April 2012

Legislative Gazette

NARAL, Clergy for Choice continue push for action on the Reproductive Health Act

Alli Sofer

23 April 2012

Sunday Times

Laying down the law

Justine McCarthy

15 April 2012

Austin chronicle

Keeping the Faith: Women lawmakers endure - and defy - the antichoice wrath of the Catholic Church

Jordan Smith

6 April 2012

Madame Figaro

USA, la contre-révolution sexuelle

Anne Sengès

30 March 2012

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rallies in Georgia and around U.S. oppose contraception ruling

Bo Emerson

23 March 2012


Catholic bishops pressured Komen over Planned Parenthood

David Morgan

15 March 2012

Boston Globe

Santorum’s faith isn’t driving vote of Catholics

Shira Schoenberg

8 March 2012

Toronto Star

Are U.S. Republicans waging a war on women?

Olivia Ward

11 March 2012

Fox News

Should there be a contraception mandate?

6 March 2012

Baltimore Sun

St. Joseph considers merger with non-Catholic hospital system

Andrea K. Walker

26 February 2012

Columbus Dispatch

Contraception sparks political controversy

Meredith Heagney

24 February 2012

National Journal

Women to Congress: Contraception Conversation Isn’t Over

Olga Belogolova

22 February 2012

Fox News

Contraception mandate debate pits Catholics against one another

19 February 2012

Palm Beach Post

Many Catholics say choice of using contraception should be private despite church's edict

Lona O'Connor

18 February 2012

Legislative Gazette

Catholics for Choice defend Obama health plan

Alli Sofer

13 February 2012

Religion Dispatches

White House Unveils Contraception Accommodation Plan

Sarah Posner

10 February 2012


Jon O'Brien on contraception controversy

10 February 2012


Birth control battle pits women against women

Thomas Roberts

10 February 2012

BBC Mundo

Obama cede ante católicos por los anticonceptivos

William Márquez

10 de febrero de 2012

The Christian Post

Some Religious Groups Voice Support for Obama's Contraception Mandate Despite Outcry

Luiza Oleszczuk

9 February 2012

Democracy Now!

As Contraceptives Rule Enters GOP Race, Will Reproductive Rights Affect 2012 Election?

Amy Goodman

8 February 2012

Religion Dispatches

Bishops Reject Proposed Compromise with Obama on Contraception Coverage

Sarah Posner

8 February 2012

Your News Now

Battle continues over mandated contraception coverage

Innae Park

7 February 2012

Daily Camera

Taken for granted no more

Anne Butterfield

5 February 2012

Between the Lines

Obama Ruling on Access to Birth Control Provokes Attack from GOP and Religious Right

1 February 2012

Church & State

The Bishops, Obama and Religious Freedom

Rob Boston

February 2012

Huffington Post

Marco Rubio Writes Bill To Override Birth Control Mandate

Laura Bassett

31 January 2012

Los Angeles Times

Religious institutions' health plans must offer birth control

Laurie McGinley

20 January 2012

Huffington Post

Obama Administration Announces New Decision On Birth Control, To Chagrin Of Religious Groups

Laura Bassett

20 January 2012

The Raw Story

Obama admin. to enforce universal birth control access

Stephen C. Webster

20 January 2012


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