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CFC in the News - 2009

europa press

El 62% de los españoles cree que el aborto debe ser legal durante las primeras doce semanas, según una encuesta

23 December 2009

Irish times

Vatican's Right to Immunity Being Tested

Patrick Smyth

19 December 2009

congressional quarterly

Abortion Funding Amendment Headed to Likely Defeat in Senate

Keith Perine

7 December 2009

Wausau Daily Herald

Clinics Back 'Morning-After Pill'

4 December 2009

WSAW - tv

Two Catholic Women Touring the State In Hopes of Creating Dialogue about Emergency Contraception

Liz Hayes

3 December 2009

Fox 6 News 

Controversial emergency contraception ad campaign targets Catholics

Chrystina Head

2 December 2009

congressional quarterly

Pelosi Learns to Live With Anger on Her Left

Edward Epstein

26 November 2009

chicago sun-times

Obama Can't Let Bishops Set U.S. Policy

Carol Marin

25 November 2009

boston herald

Pat Kennedy Flap Puts Church in Health-care Ring

Jessica Van Sack

24 November 2009

national journal

Did Catholic Bishops' Advocacy Cross the Line?

Eliza Newlin Carney

23 November 2009

washington Post

U.S. Bishops Assert Their Authority

Daniel Burke

21 November 2009


Health Care Reform: Catholics and Abortion Coverage

20 November 2009


Stupak Like a Fox

Lindsay Beyerstein

19 November 2009

Genesis network

Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn

18 November 2009

usa today

Catholic Bishops Claim Moral Authority Amidst 'Confusion'

Daniel Burke

17 November 2009


Religious Abortion Rights Backers Push to Change Health Care Bill

16 November 2009

los angeles times

Catholic Bishops' Influence on Healthcare Bill

James Oliphant

16 November 2009


Catholic Bishops' Lobby a Force on the Hill

Peter Overby

13 November 2009

Fox 4 News

The Congress of Catholic Bishops

Bill Press

12 November 2009

Philippine Daily inquirer

Do We Know What Catholics Want?

Rina Jimenez-David

10 November 2009

mother Jones

Catholic Bishops Call the Shots on Health Care Reform

James Ridgeway

9 November 2009


Abortion Language Creates Snag for Health Bill

Julie Rovner

3 November 2009

radio netherlands worldwide

Catholics Divided Over Decision to Admit Anglicans

Marijke Peters

27 October 2009


Pope Opening to Anglicans May Help Married Priesthood

Philip Pullella

26 October 2009

Spd noticias

Revela Sondeo Mayor Liberalidad de Latinos Católicos sobre Aborto

1 October 2009

the colorado independent

U.S. Catholics Support Health Reform; Reject Position Advanced by Bishops

John Tomasic

1 October 2009

us news and world report

Rep. Rosa DeLauro: Obama Can Find Common Ground on Abortion

Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro

17 August 2009


Nog Eenmaal de rk vernieuwers bijeen

14 August 2009

ips news agency

POPULATION: UNFPA Partners with Faith-based Groups

Sonali Salgado

13 August 2009


Dutch MP Distances Himself from Anti-gay Remarks

Sonali Salgado

10 August 2009

national catholic reporter

Faith Groups Converge on Abortion Reduction Bill

Lindsay Perna

23 July 2009

usa today

Pope, Obama May Find Common Ground in "Charity in Truth"

Cathy Lynn Grossman

8 July 2009

CQ weekly

Catholics' Rights Rift

Shawn Zeller

1 July 2009

The Nation

Dr. George Tiller, 1941-2009

Katha Pollitt

29 June 2009

people's weekly world

Catholics Greet Obama Speech at Notre Dame

Tim Wheeler

18 May 2009

san Francisco chronicle

'Conscience' Shield Vital, Many Caregivers Say

Matthai Kuruvila

6 May 2009

Sydney morning herald

Pell Rides Papal Bandwagon of Death

David Marr

11 April 2009

the philadelphia inquirer

The American Debate: Catholic Hierarchy Finds the Flock Isn't So Easily Led

Dick Polman

5 April 2009


Pope on Condoms Out in the Cold

Mario de Queiroz

23 March 2009

afrik news

What Has Africa Done to Organised Religion to Deserve This?

Patrick K. Johnsson

22 March 2009

Sunday tribune

Papal Bull

Justine McCarthy

22 March 2009

The Times (London)

Vatican Backtracks over Pope's Condom Stance

Richard Owen and Ruth Gledhill

19 March 2009

rk nieuws

"Catholics for Choice": Paus ook Onzeker over Effect Condoms

Joost Middelhoff

19 March 2009

fox news

Some Catholics Disappointed in Obama

Shannon Bream

19 March 2009


Reportan Apoyo de Católicos al Condón

Laura Toribio

19 March 2009

the irish independent

Condoms Part of African AIDS Problem, Says Pope

Richard Owen

18 March 2009

le figaro

E-U: Des Catholiques Critiquent le Pape

18 March 2009

la jornada

Condena Mundial a Dicho del Papa de que el Uso de Condón sólo Agrava el SIDA

Carolina Gómez and Gabriel León

18 March 2009

The Toronto Star

Pope's Condom Remarks 'Real Tragedy'

Olivia Ward

18 March 2009

Voice of America News

Pope Stirs AIDS Controversy with Opposition to Condoms

Brian Padden

18 March 2009

Agence France Presse

Pope Wrong on Condoms, US Rights, Catholic Groups Say

18 March 2009

usa today

Could Choosing Condoms Mean Choosing Life?

17 March 2009

Agence France Presse

Obama Backs 'Right to Choose' on Abortion Anniversary

Karin Zeitfogel

23 January 2009


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