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Letters & Op-Eds - 2014

Being a Catholic in the Time of Francis

Jon O'Brien

13 March 2014

To the Editor:

Peter Manseau raises several important issues in “What It Means to Be Catholic Now” (Op-Ed, March 10), not least the question “Who is a Catholic?” Catholicism has long been defined by the Latin phrase “in varietate concordia” — “unity in diversity.”

All Catholics are connected by the requirement to follow our consciences as the ultimate arbiter when it comes to moral decision-making. That leads many of us to disagree with our bishops while still retaining our Catholicism.

There are no political benchmarks, attendance records or litmus tests for being a Catholic. We are Catholic because of our baptism, and nothing can ever change that.

President, Catholics for Choice
Washington, March 10, 2014

This letter was originally published by the New York Times.