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Letters & Op-Eds - 2015

Catholic men play role in pregnancy

4 September 2015

Despite what Pope Francis has said, I do not believe that Catholic women will be lining up to ask for forgiveness for having an abortion.

A long time ago, Catholic women understood that they can make moral and ethical decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. They know that they can, in good conscience, disagree with the hierarchy and still be Catholics in good faith.

Ninety-nine percent of sexually active U.S. Catholic women have used a method of birth control the bishops don’t like, and we know that Catholic women have abortions at the same rate as those of other faiths and no faith.

But talk about sins of omission. What a shame that in his talk about abortion and forgiveness, the pope did not mention men. I always thought we had some involvement and responsibility in pregnancy.

— Jon O’Brien, president, Catholics for Choice, Washington

This letter was originally published by the Chicago Tribune.