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Letters & Op-Eds - 2016

Nuances in Christian teachings

25 January 2016

The Jan. 22 Metro article “Evangelicals are joining March for Life this year” overlooked that there is no “always” regarding the Catholic teachings on abortion. Church teachings on moral decision-making and abortion are far more nuanced than the monolithic teachings represented by the bishops.

Past and present theologians agree that abortion can be a moral choice; even the Vatican noted that “there is not a unanimous tradition” regarding when the fetus becomes a person. But Catholicism is more than the teachings written down by the pope and theologians — at its core is the role of individual conscience. We have not only the right but also the obligation to make moral decisions based on our own consciences. And we do: The majority of Catholics support access to reproductive health care and use these services at the same rates as do other Americans.

Jon O’Brien, Washington

The writer is president of Catholics for Choice.

This letter was originally published by the Washington Post.