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Catholic Health Care

The Scope of Catholic Health Care

As individuals committed to the provision of quality, comprehensive and affordable health care to women in the United States, we cannot underestimate the growing impact the Catholic church has on the availability of reproductive health services for women throughout this country.  

Over the past decade, Catholics for Choice has found that Catholic hospitals, HMOs, employers and even Catholic universities consistently limit medical choices for women—Catholic and non-Catholic alike—because of religious teaching that has no place in health care.   Advocates of sound reproductive health policy face:

  • the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services implemented by Catholic-affiliated organizations that restrict or limit reproductive health services
  • reduced reproductive health options across the US because of Catholic hospital mergers,
  • the impact of lobbying activities undertaken by agents of Catholic conferences of bishops and
  • the increasing strength of various health associations to influence public policy.


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